#50 मोबाइल रेट

poem on mobile 2020

मिस काल का दौर,
एक बार फिर से आएगा,
मोबाइल बजेगा और,
फिर चुप हो जाएगा,
ताक कर फिर बैठेंगे रिसीब बटन,
मिस काल खाने वाले,
और बोलेंगे देखता हूँ,
“किसमें है दम जो मिसकाल लगाएगा ।”

काल रेट अब हुई मंहगी,
जेब पर आफत भारी होगी,
कई मोबाइल रखना अब,
जैसे बुलेट की सवारी होगी,
दो दो सिम वाले दो फोन का,
दौर अब हुआ पुराना,
वही सिंगल सिम सिंगल मोबाइल का,
पुराना दौर फिर आएगा ।


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Explanation of hindi kavita on mobile call rates during 2020

This is a hindi kavita on mobile call rates during 2019-2020. Hindi kavita explains the old age of mobile when the recharge was too costly and peoples used to make a miss call and wait for the returning calls. But after announcing the Reliance telecom network it become much cheap. After all Reliance Jio is just a blessing to the society. After the announcement of JIO every company make itslef with lower rate policy. Now as the policies of the telecom sectors are changing time to time according to TRI that old situation will come back.

Current Situation with poem on Mobile 2020

Poem mobile 2020 in hindi express the expression about the current situation of telicom comany and the current plans accroding to TRI in INDIA

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